Halve your Phone and PBX Bill!

3CX Phone System not only provides you with many new features to improve customer service and boost productivity, it will cost cut your telecoms bill in half!

Cut your Phone Bill in Half

3CX’s mobility, VoIP and trunking features will allow you to literally cut your office phone bill in half:

  • Employees on the road will make office phone calls from their laptop or using 3CXPhone on their mobile and slash your mobile phone bills.
  • Employees working from home/remotely will be able to make internal phone calls via the phone system and receive and transfer calls free of charge, reducing your phone bill.
  • Remote offices can be connected via SIP trunks and calls between offices will be free of charge, reducing your monthly phone bills. Savings become exponential if you have international offices.
  • Leverage low cost calling via SIP trunks. SIP trunk providers can offer lower call charges reducing your monthly phone bill.
  • Eliminate or reduce your fixed telephony lines. As you leverage SIP trunks, you can choose to reduce the number of fixed telephony lines you rent and save on monthly fixed costs.

Reduce the Cost of Running your PBX!

The phone bill is just a small part of your total telecoms bill – 3CX will save you money on ongoing PBX bills

  • Adding extensions is easy and cheap – just plug in additional IP Phones or deploy 3CXPhone! No further per extension or user licenses are required. Plus, adding an extension is a few mouse clicks and does not require expensive telecom consultants, proprietary expansion modules or phones.
  • Moving or editing extensions is easy via the web based interface and you will be able to do it without having to call your telecom specialist.
  • IT administrators or your IT reseller can manage your PBX – adding SIP trunks, changing Queue configuration etc. can be done by your IT administrators or reseller – no need for specially trained and expensive proprietary phone system consultants.
  • Use existing computer wiring and remove the need for separate phone wiring. Old proprietary PBX systems require separate phone wiring. You might consider it a sunk cost, but as soon as you move extensions or need to expand your office you will incur significant costs for rewiring your office – just to continue to use an outdated PBX!
  • Advanced features such as connecting remote offices, IVR setup, queue configuration are easily configured and don’t require expensive feature packs or specialist consultants.