Create VoIP applications with 3CX Voice Application Designer

With 3CX Voice Application Designer (VAD) you can create voice applications with a few mouse clicks that automate time intensive business processes. For example, create a voice application that queries the caller for a customer number, then validates this number against a database and routes the call based on customer type. Automate repetitive tasks and save valuable agent and customer time!

3CX VAD has a graphical interface that lets you put together the components of your voice application using drag and drop – rather then cumbersome scripting or programming! Visually design an application in hours rather then weeks.

Once the voice application is ready, it can be deployed onto an existing 3CX Phone System for Windows installation. 3CX Phone System for Windows is a software based VoIP PBX and completely replaces an existing, outdated hardware PBX.


  • Visual voice application development tool
  • Build voice applications out of ready components:
    -  Playback, User input, Record, Disconnect, Transfer
    -  Database Access, Email sender, File management, Code execution, Web interaction, Socket client, etc
    -  Control components such as conditions, loops and variables
  • In built debugger
  • Easily deploy to installed 3CX Phone System installation!


Take a look at the brochure or download the Free Edition today and break free from your proprietary PBX!